Salesforce Marketing Cloud Classic Content: Preview Your Email Message While Editing

 Classic Content is moving toward retirement; prepare to move to Content Builder.

Whether you are just starting to add content, or finishing your message, it can be beneficial to see your entire email in the context which your recipients will view it. The Preview tab will show you a live approximation of your final HTML-based message at any time in the process of creating your email.

Previewing Your Email Message While Editing

  1. Make sure you are in a template-based email message, looking at the <html> tab view.
  2. Click the Preview tab at the top-right of the editing window.
  3. By default, you will see the version recipients would see when viewing the message on a computer screen.
    • To toggle between this and the mobile view (sized for typical smartphone screens) click the appropriate button in the Preview Mode, located in the top-left of the editing window.

Note: This view does not replace the personalization variables (first/last name, email address, et al.) with contact information as your recipient will see them. If you notice strings like "This email was sent by: %%Member_Busname%%€¦", do not be concerned. If you would like to see your message in the form any particular recipient will receive it, see Preview Your Email Message Using Send Preview.