Salesforce Marketing Cloud Classic Content: Prevent Spam Filter Triggering with Content Detective

 Classic Content is moving toward retirement; prepare to move to Content Builder.

Many spam-filtering systems use a catalog of commonly-found words as a "trigger list" for spam detection. Many of these words or phrases may be common enough that you use them regularly in email communication without even knowing it. Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Content Detective is a tool to scan your email message for these triggers so you maximize the deliverability of your communications. Salesforce Marketing Cloud documentation includes some trigger wordsthat prompt a warning from Content Detective.

Preventing Spam Filter Triggering with Content Detective

  1. Make sure you are editing one of your email messages in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  2. Click Content Detective in the toolbar at the top of the editing window. (A progress bar will appear, denoting the various steps being performed.)
  3. When completed, a report will appear in your editing window denoting any problematic words or phrases used in your email, along with possible resolutions to improve your email's chances of arriving in the recipient's inbox.
  4. You may choose to Print the report, and/or Save it as a text file to your computer.
  5. When finished with the report, click Edit in the toolbar above your editing window to return to authoring your email message.