Salesforce Marketing Cloud Classic Content: Modify Plain-Text Email

 Classic Content is moving toward retirement; prepare to move to Content Builder.

While you will spend the most time in Salesforce Marketing Cloud creating the HTML part of your message, it is also important to keep in mind those users who choose not to receive this type of email. For recipients opting for plain-text (unformatted text with no images or other media) email, there is a tab labeled Text in your email editing window which will show you this version.

Always check the Text tab before sending your message to ensure that all users will receive the appropriate content. Recipients will automatically see the version of the message they prefer, as set by their email client.

Modifying Plain-Text Email

  1. Make sure you are in your template-based email message, looking at the <html> tab view.
  2. Click the text tab at the top-right of the editing window.
  3. In the central text box, you will find the content of your plaintext version of the email. This text is generated automatically from the content you provided in the <html> tab, but may require some editing for clarity or to account for missing media. Text may be edited directly within the text box.
  4. If you'd like the recipients' first or last name, or email address to appear automatically within the email, use the Personalization pull-down menu to select the appropriate variable, and click Insert to add it wherever you have placed your text cursor.
    a. For example, if you would like your text to read: "John Doe, here's your August newsletter"
    €¦it would be formed here as: "%%First Name%% %%Last Name%%, here's your August newsletter"
    b. Ensure that spacing and punctuation are inserted correctly as needed between variables. In the above example, we needed to type a space between the First Name and Last Name variables so they didn't get pushed together into one word.
  5. If you would like to constrain the width of the plain-text version to a certain number of characters, check the box marked Use hard wrap. The field on the opposite side of the text box will allow you to customize the width, and is set to a default of 80 characters per line. If you change your mind and would rather the email adjusts its width based on the recipients' window sizes, you can click Remove Hard Wrap to undo these changes.
  6. When you have finished the plain-text version of your email, click Save to enter the modifications, and acknowledge the dialog box by clicking OK. You may then continue to prepare to send your message
  7. If you make changes to your HTML version of your email after you have authored the plaintext version, you may click Restore to remove any customizations you previously made and create a new plaintext version of your current HTML version. Otherwise, any changes made to your HTML message will not be reflected in the plain-text version.