Salesforce Marketing Cloud Classic Content: Insert Content into a Template-based Email

 Classic Content is moving toward retirement; prepare to move to Content Builder.


  1. Make sure you are in a template-based email message, looking at the <html> tab view. 
  2. Click once on the content block you wish to fill.
  3. Select an option from the content box popover:
    1. Lock/Unlock Content €” Prevents accidental changes to a content box. Locking a content box removes the options to create content until it is unlocked again, but this feature does not prevent authorized users from making changes.
    2. Retrieve Content €” Fills box with saved content stored within the My Contents or Shared Contents folders. Useful for content reused from email to email, or when content is created in advance of the email being assembled.
    3. Create Content €” Allows content to be authored directly within the email. Combining text with the graphics previously stored in your Portfolio, you may create the content using either a WYSIWYG editor that functions like a word processor or by entering HTML code directly. 
    4. Create Dynamic Content €” Displays different retrieved content in the box depending on a system of logical rules you can set based on information stored in your subscriber lists/data extensions. For instance, if you denote whether a subscriber is student, staff, or faculty in your subscriber list, you could have a block filled with content that only applies to those specific subgroups when the email is sent.