Salesforce Marketing Cloud Classic Content: Ensure Deliverability with Validate

 Classic Content is moving toward retirement; prepare to move to Content Builder.

Before sending any mass email messages, there are a number of steps necessary to ensure it will be received in the correct form, and follows the requirements set by existing email marketing legislation. Salesforce Marketing Cloud's Validate tool does many of these steps for you, including checking for required unsubscribe links and testing your personalization strings against your subscriber links. For more information on what Validate tests for, see Salesforce Marketing Cloud Documentation: Validate.

Ensuring Deliverability with Validate

  1. Make sure you are editing one of your email messages in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  2. Click Validate in the toolbar above your editing window.
  3. Select which elements to validate:
    • Subscriber Lists/Groups €” Checks that your subscriber data, such as First Name and Last, email address, etc. will work correctly with the variables set in your email.
    • Sendable Data Extension €” Checks that your data extensions are valid. This requires you to also choose a specific data extension to validate.
  4. Click the Validate button below the Validation options. You will then either be presented with a report of any issues, or a green bar noting "No problems found."
  5. When finished with the report, click Edit in the toolbar above your editing window to return to authoring your email message.