Salesforce Marketing Cloud Classic Content: Save an Email as a Template

 Classic Content is moving toward retirement; prepare to move to Content Builder.

If you create a message that you plan on repurposing for future emails, you may choose to save it as a template. This will allow you to create new emails in the same layout without having to start from scratch each time.

Saving an Email as a Template

  1. Make sure you are editing one of your email messages in ExactTarget. You should have the message in as close to a final stage as possible.
  2. Click Save as Template in the toolbar above your editing window.
  3. Enter a Name for the template as it will be seen in the template folder. This would be the equivalent of a file name, and should be distinct for each template you create.
  4. Click the Select€¦ button next to the required Location field to choose the folder in which your template will saved. 
    • To store with templates you have created yourself, choose My Templates, or any sub-folder beneath it. Click OK
    • To store with templates created by others in your department, choose Shared Templates, or any sub-folder beneath it. Click OK.
  5. Use the Content Area Options table to choose how the content blocks in your new template should carry over from the original email: 
    • Editable Content €” Content in this box will be replicated in the new template, but can be edited or deleted as desired in new email messages. 
    • Static Content €” Content in this box will be a permanent part of any new email created from the template, and cannot be deleted or modified. 
    • Empty Content €” Content in this box will be discarded and be replaced with a blank, editable block in new email messages.
  6. Click Save in the top-left of your editing window when you are finished with your selections. Your new template will appear in the editing window.
    Note: There is no option in this interface to create an email while you are viewing a template in My Templates. Navigate back to My Emails instead (in the left-side navigation) and click Create in the toolbar to start a new email from your template.
    Note: Templates created from an email are not editable; so if you wish to make a change to your template, create a new email from the template and make your changes before saving that email as a new template.