Salesforce Marketing Cloud Classic Content: Create Content within a Content Block

 Classic Content is moving toward retirement; prepare to move to Content Builder.

    1. Make sure you are in a template-based email message, looking at the <html> tab view.
    2. Click once on the content block you wish to fill.
    3. Choose Create Content from the content box popover.
    4. A new browser window €” the Content-Building Wizard €” will open for you to Select Orientation. This allows you to choose different layout options for text and images, or to add HTML code directly to a content block. Select the appropriate orientation, or choose Free Form if you need to add text and more than one image to the content block. Click Next > after making your selection. 
      Note: This is a new window. If you click in another window (like the one with your email in it) you may appear to "lose" your Email Content window in the process. However, your window is likely just "hiding" behind the larger one. Try moving the email window to one side of your screen to find your content window.


  1. If you selected a layout which includes an image, you will be prompted to choose an image for your content area:
    1. If you haven't yet added your image to your Portfolio, click the Upload€¦ button to select one from your computer. Previously uploaded images will appear below and can be selected by clicking. If your image is stored elsewhere online, you may choose Other URL from the Source field and enter the web address subsequently.
    2. Ideally, your image should be resized using photo-editing software to match the proportions desired for your email. If the image is the correct size for the content block already, choose Original from the Image Size field. Otherwise, you may select the other options to shrink your image to better fit the email.
    3. If you wish to make the image into a hyperlink as well, the URL field allows you to enter in the web address. By clicking the Recipient Recipient button, you may create personalized links that contain data about the email recipient for tracking purposes. Select the checkbox next to Conversion Tracking Link if you require advanced tracking of clickthroughs to your website.
    4. Click Next > when finished selecting your image.
  2. Make any changes necessary to the Content Area Properties, such as font and background colors. Changes are previewed below. Click Next > when you have changed all appropriate properties.
  3. Use the tools provided in the editor to author your content block.
  4. When you have finished with the content, you may choose to click Quick Preview to see the block in context of the rest of your email. Otherwise, click Save to add the new content to the content block.