Reset Your UMN Password

  1. Log into  You may need to authenticate your identity in order to log in.
  2. Click the Password Management menu.
  3. Select Reset your UMN password.
    The Self-Service sidebar in My Account.  "Reset your UMN password" is selected.
  4. Enter your current ("old") password into the box marked Current Password.
  5. Choose a new password or passphrase, and enter it into both of the boxes marked New Password.

    Note: Make sure your new password or passphrase includes:
    At least 1 uppercase letter
    At least 1 lowercase letter
    At least 16 characters all together, including spaces

    Think of your password as a passphrase; for example -
    Superman is my hero [spaces are fine!]
    ByeByeMs4mericanP!3 [song lyrics are memorable]

Read more tips for creating a secure and memorable passphrase.