Reservationless Plus Conferencing: Sign Up for an Account

NOTE: Audio Conferencing accounts are only available to faculty and staff. You may want to consult with your college or unit's finance group to determine how best to handle requesting a new account, as a credit card number is required.

Enter Account Information

  1. Go to the Intrado (formerly West Communications formerly Intercall) U of M web page and click on Sign Up Now.
  2. If prompted, enter the Signup Username: UnivMinnUser1 and Signup Password: UnivMinnUser5. Please note that you may be automatically redirected to the Account Information page.
  3. On the Account Information page, fill out the user profile information.

Select Your Services

  1. Click on Audio Conferencing towards the bottom and check the service(s) you're interested in using.
    • Reservationless-Plus - Add phone capabilities to standard audio conferencing without the need to reserve a meeting time.
    • Operator Assisted - Add a professional operator to your call for an additional cost.
  2. Click Continue.

Enter Your Billing Information

  1. Fill out the Company where Billing Account Profile is to be added. The account name is determined by you or your department.
  2. Click on Billing Contact and fill in your billing contact information.
  3. Click on Account Contact and fill in your account contact.
  4. Click on Credit Card Information and fill in your credit card information.
  5. Click on Communication Settings and select Yes "Email Welcome Info."
  6. Click on Submit.

Next Steps

Once the request has been submitted, you'll receive a confirmation email within 48 hours from Intrado (formerly West Communications formerly InterCall) with your account information. The email will include the Conference ID and your password, along with the Toll-free dial-in number (U.S. and Canada) and the international dial-in Number. You are now ready to make conference calls.

If you need this expedited or have complications, you can contact Intrado Customer Service through the means found on the InterCall website