Perceptive Experience: Overview

This article details the functionality of Perceptive Experience, the HTML5 web app for the Imaging Service at the University of Minnesota. This is the replacement for WebNow.

What Is Perceptive Experience?

Perceptive Experience is the HTML5 web app for the Imaging System. Perceptive Experience can run in all major web browsers and can be accessed at

perceptive experience document viewer

What Can Perceptive Experience Do?

Perceptive Experience is a good choice for users that need to do the following tasks:

  • Search for and view documents
  • Process documents in workflow
  • Annotate documents
  • Print/export documents


What Can't Perceptive Experience Do?

Perceptive Experience cannot currently do the following tasks:

  • Capture documents by scanning or printing
  • Create private filters
  • Modify user preferences for UI layout
  • Link documents against external application (ex: PeopleSoft) using gold key

You can use the Perceptive Content desktop client for Windows if you are looking to perform these functions. 


How Do You Use Perceptive Experience?

Perceptive Experience: Searching and Viewing Documents

Perceptive Experience: Processing Documents in Workflow