OIT Recycling/Donation Options for Departments


Escalate all requests for equipment recycling to the appropriate Zone Support group. 


Options for current Equipment:

Return equipment to the department

OIT will hold the computer/data for 2-weeks, image, and return to designated department contact.

OIT should take the equipment for recycling/donation

All computers and network printers returned to OIT will be assessed for donation/recycling. If the computer are to be recycled the hard drives removed and destroyed. 

If Donated, OIT will sanitize and remove all data from the hard drives if the computers are classified as low or medium security. If the computer is classified as high security the hard drive will be removed and destroyed.

OIT will hold the computer/data for 2-weeks before assessing if the equipment will be recycled or donated. If returned for recycle/donate OIT may utilize some equipment for reuse as a loaner computer in zone support.

*If you have questions about your computer's security level please refer to this article.


There is no current equipment

New equipment is not replacing any current computers/accessories. (i.e. new employee)


What do we recycle and donate?

Dynamic Recycling accepts computers, keyboards, mice, circuit boards, monitors, printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, VHS players, CD players, telephones & cell phones, televisions, component parts, tablets, laptops, etc. More information on Dynamic Recycling can be found here.

BCED Donation Center accepts PC and Mac desktops/laptops, pen/drawing tablets, keyboards, mice, monitors, printers (smaller), software items, sound cards, video cards, CDROM drives, hard disk drives, digital cameras, etc.  A full list of what they will accept can be found here.

As a rule, BCED will pretty much accept all computers, monitors, smaller printers and other peripherals. They'll go through and identify the equipment that they can refurbish and reuse and then send the rest to Dynamic Recycling.