Moodle for Students: Work with Assignments

Applies to: Moodle 3.0, 3.2

Students: The Assignment tool allows you to complete an assignment and later view a grade and feedback from your instructor. Depending on how your assignment is set up, you may be able to type directly into a text field, upload files in any type of digital format, or do both.

Assignments can also be a reminder of an activity you need to complete outside of Moodle and a placeholder for the grade to be recorded in Moodle.

The process for submitting assignments includes:

Viewing the assignment details

  1. Go to the course homepage and click the assignment link.
    • Example: Example of an assignment link in Moodle showing the Assignment icon and the title of the assignment (Midterm Paper).
  2. The assignment description page opens and should include:
    • A description of the assignment task.
    • A table with the status of your submission.
    • An Add submission button.
    • Due date and cut off date, if your instructor set these.
      Example of assignment details.

Entering text and uploading files

Assignments may allow you to enter text online and/or upload one or more files.

  • Assignments that require online text have a text box for you to type or copy and paste text.
  • Assignments that require a files such as PDFs, Word docs, a file drop box area displays for you to drag-and-drop files from your computer.
  1. Find the appropriate assignment on your course homepage and click the assignment link.
  2. Click Add submission.
  3. Enter text in the Online text textbox if available.
    Online text box
  4. Upload files in the File submissions area if available:
    • Drag your files into the assignment drop box area.
    • Or click the Add icon Add... icon and follow the directions.
      File submissions area
  5. Optional: You can enter comments for the instructor if a Comments box is available.
  6. Scroll down and click Save changes. Your saved work is in Draft mode.
    Submission status showing Draft (not submitted)

Submitting your assignment for grading

Instructors have a variety of ways to set up assignments in Moodle.

If there is a Submit Assignment button

  • When you have finalized your assignment work and you are ready to have it graded, click Submit Assignment.
  • Note: Once you submit the assignment, you will not be able to make any changes.
    • If you mistakenly submit the assignment before you are done, you can ask your instructor to convert your submission back to draft mode.
  • If you never submit the assignment, but you have added work to the assignment, that work will automatically be submitted for grading when the assignment Due Date arrives or the instructor manually closes the assignment.

If there is no Submit Assignment button

  • Your saved work will automatically be submitted for grading when the assignment Due Date arrives or the instructor manually closes the assignment.
  • Once an assignment has been submitted, you cannot edit text or update or remove files unless the instructor converts your work back to Draft mode or grants you an Extension.

View your grade and feedback

You will see your grade and feedback on your work by following the same assignment link that you used to submit the assignment.

  • Your score/grade will be at the top of the feedback area.
  • There might be text comments in the Feedback Comment area.
    • The comments may also appear on the student Grades report with your assignment score.
  • Your instructor may have added annotations within a copy of your submitted Word or PDF file. This will appear in the File Feedback area at the bottom of the assignment page. To read the comments inserted in your (copied) submission file or comments file, download the file to your desktop.
  • You might also have an attached comments file. This will also appear in the File Feedback area.
    Student view of assignment feedback with grade, when it was graded and by whom, as well as text comments from the grader.