Moodle for Students: Use a Database Activity

Applies to: Moodle 3.0, 3.2

Students: A database in Moodle consists of several parts:

  • A data entry form that your instructor has customized for a particular class purpose.
  • Corresponding views of the entries you and your classmates have submitted.

When you view a Database in Moodle, you will see four tabs:
Student view of the tabs in a Database activity which are View list, View single, Search, and Add entry.

  • View list:
    • Allows you to scroll through a list of all the database entries.
    • List views may be set up so that only a portion of an entry is displaying.
      • Example: A short 10-word description might show up on the List with an extended paragraph or two for the same entry in the Single view.
    • Use the Search box at the top of the list to look for specific entries.
      1. Type a word or phrase in the Search box.
      2. Press Enter (Return). Entries that have text matching your search will display below.
      3. Clear your search by deleting the text in the Search box and pressing Enter (Return).
    • Click the More More icon.¬†icon to go straight to the Single view for that entry.
  • View single:
    • Allows you to see all the data for a single entry.
    • Click Next or a specific page number to see different entries.
      Page number links and Next link.
  • Search:
    • Allows you to use advanced search criteria to search through all the entries in the database.
  • Add entry:
    • Displays the data entry form for you to add content to the database.
    • Follow your instructor's instructions for completing the entry form. Make sure to click Save and view or Save and add another when entering data.
    • You have the ability to edit or delete your own entries unless your instructor has modified default settings.