Moodle for Students: Turnitin Guide

Applies to: Moodle 3.2.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for submitting a Turnitin assignment within Moodle. Submitting to a Forum follows very similar steps. If you have any trouble submitting your assignment, please contact Moodle Support for assistance.

Note: Files must contain a file extension in the title (.pdf, .docx, etc.) or Turnitin cannot identify the type and produce an originality score. Turnitin will not accept PDF image files. PDF files which do not contain highlightable text (e.g., a "scanned" file, which is often simply a picture of text) are unacceptable.


Submitting an Assignment to Turnitin

  1. Click on the Turnitin assignment from your course home page.
  2. On the assignment page, click the Add submission button.

    Turnitin End User License Agreement

    • For an assignment that requires you to attach a file, upload the file or files.
    • For an online text assignment, enter or copy and paste text.
  3. Click Save changes

    Note: If you have never submitted a Turnitin assignment before on the current Moodle server, you may be asked to agree to the Student Conduct code before submitting your assignment.


Submission status page for Moodle 2.6 and 2.8 with a call-out box showing that a submission has successfully been uploaded to Turnitin followed by the Turnitin ID number for the assignment.

Moodle 3.0: You will see Pending almost immediately. You don't have to wait until the Turnitin ID actually appears.

Submission status page for Moodle 3.0 with a pending status.

Viewing your Originality Report

If your instructor has enabled viewing of originality reports, you will be able to see your originality score (% on a red background) on the final page of the submission process. This normally takes a few minutes to appear. It may require waiting overnight for a resubmission for the icon to appear. Click the originality score icon to go to Turnitin to see possible matching sources.
Submission status page for Moodle 3.0 with a successfully uploaded assignment to Turnitin followed by the Turnitin ID number for the assignment and the originality report score.

Viewing Grades and Comments in Grademark

  1. If your instructor has graded your assignment in Grademark, a Grademark icon (blue pencil) will appear in your assignment submission.
    Submission status page for Moodle 3.0 with a blue pencil icon next to the originality report score.
  2. Click the blue pencil to go to Turnitin and see your grade in the upper-right part of the page. The grade will also appear in the assignment and the Moodle gradebook. Your instructor may also have made comments to the page.
    report in Turnitin with comments off to the side of the student paper.
  3. If your instructor entered grades directly through the assignment rather than GradeMark, you will not see the Grademark (blue pencil icon). If you see the originality score (% on a red background), click the originality score and the the Turnitin document viewer will appear. Click the GradeMark tab on the upper left to view your instructor's comments.
  4. Close the Turnitin tab or window to return to the assignment.

If you have any trouble submitting an assignment with Turnitin, please contact Moodle Support, [email protected] Include the URL of the course and the name of the assignment.