Moodle for Students: Take a Quiz

Applies to: Moodle 3.0, 3.2.

Students: These are instructions on how to access and take a quiz in a Moodle course site.

Before taking a quiz in Moodle, make sure you review the Quiz Taking Tips:

  • Don't take a quiz over a wireless connection
  • Don't take a quiz from a cell phone or tablet
  • Save your answers frequently
  • Leave time to actually submit the quiz

Taking a Quiz

  1. Click the link to the quiz on the course home page
    • Example: Example of a quiz link in Moodle showing the Quiz icon and the title of the quiz (Week 1 Quiz).

  2. A page appears providing information about the quiz, including the closing date/time and grading method
    • Example: A basic, un-timed, two-attempt quiz. (Your instructor can configure quizzes in many ways, so this example may look a little different from your course site.)

      Example of a quiz information page including the quiz name, number of attempts allowed and the grading method
  1. Click Attempt quiz now. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to start the quiz.
  2. Click Start attempt to enter the quiz.
  3. As you answer questions:
    • Click Save my answers for each question
    • Click Flag question (to the left of the question) if you want to come back to a question later
  4. If your quiz has more than one page, click Save and continue to move to the next page.
    • Answers will be automatically saved when you move to the next page
  5. When you are done answering questions, click Finish attempt. A summary of your attempt will be displayed
    • If you are done, click Submit all and finish.
    • If you are not done, and there is time remaining:
      • You can Return to attempt and make changes to your choices
      • You can also click a question number to go to that specific question (if you flagged a question, there will be a flag icon next to the question number).

Once you have submitted the quiz, a summary will display:

  • The summary will verify that your quiz has been submitted
  • Instructors have many different options for how quizzes behave:
    • You may see feedback and/or a grade.
    • You may have an option to review the quiz.
    • If you have questions on when results will be available, ask your instructor or teaching assistant.