Moodle for Students: See Your Workshop Results

Applies to: Moodle 3.0

Students will be able to see peer reviews, instructor comments, and grades for a workshop once the instructor changes the workshop to the Close phase. Each comment or grading by peers will be listed anonymously.

Viewing instructor comments and grade

Students can see comments by clicking the link to the workshop on the home page and opening the activity.

  • Click the appropriate workshop link on the homepage.
    • Instructor comments are directly below the student's name and link to their submission.
  • Your review of the peer submission will appear separately below the instructor's comments.
  • To view your workshop grade, use the Grades link in the Course Administration block.

If you want to access your original submitted file(s), your file(s) with instructor markup, or teacher response files, you should return to the assignment page and download the files.

Viewing peer assessments

  1. Click the appropriate workshop link on the homepage. On the Workshop page, your instructor Feedback will be visible under your submission links and information.
  2. Click the link of your submission €“ your name to view peer evaluation(s).
  3. There will be one or more assessment form areas.
    • You may need to expand it to see the peer evaluation(s).
    • Your peer score is in the Assessment form header area.
    • Peer assessments are anonymous.
  4. Exit the workshop when finished.

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