Moodle for Students: Receive or Turn off Emails from Discussion Forums

Applies to: 3.0, 3.2

Students: You might receive emails when other people post to forums in your Moodle course sites. This is controlled by two different settings:

  • The subscription settings for a forum, set by your instructor. You can change the subscription settings in some forums, depending on what your instructor has chosen.
  • Your own forum preferences in your Moodle profile. You can only set one option for this for all of your Moodle classes.

Viewing and changing subscription settings in a forum

  1. Go to the course homepage.
  2. Find the forum you want to change and click the forum link.
  3. Find the Administration block on the left. The subscription mode will be displayed under Forum administration:
    Student email subscription options in the Administration block
    • Optional subscription and Auto subscription allow you to change subscription settings.
    • Forced subscription means you are subscribed and you cannot unsubscribe.
    • Subscription disabled means you cannot subscribe.
  4. Click any of the available options to change the settings. You may see:
    • Subscribe to this forum via email - you will receive email(s) when others post to the forum.
    • Unsubscribe from this forum - you will no longer receive any emails when others post to the forum.
    • Don't track (don't highlight) unread posts - not related to email, this option just toggles off the highlighting in Moodle of forum posts you haven't read yet.

Setting forum preferences in your Moodle profile

  1. Click your name on the upper right on the Moodle banner. A user menu displays.
    Moodle banner with user name highlighted.
  2. Choose Preferences.
  3. Under User account, click Forum preferences.
  4. Choose settings for your forum notifications.
    • Email digest type, if subscribed to a forum: Determines how frequently you receive email notifications from Moodle forums you are subscribed to.
      Note: Many instructors prefer you set this to No Digest so that you receive class announcements in a timely manner.
    • Forum auto-subscribe: Allows you to automatically receive notifications for any Forum you've participated in, or to turn this off.
    • Forum tracking: Determines whether posts you have not read in a forum are highlighted or not.
  5. When finished setting your forum preferences, click Save changes.
  6. Navigate back to the Dashboard to find your Moodle course sites.
    Moodle banner with Dashboard link highlighted.