Moodle: Access to Previous Courses

As of 9/13/19 all instances of Moodle will be archived and only available on campus, or off campus via granted VPN access.

Instructor access

Instructors have access to archived Moodle sites through Moodle Archives. At some point, older sites will be deleted. Site owners will be contacted before this occurs.

For more information on accessing older Moodle course sites, see the University Moodle support site on the Moodle Lifecycle Process. Hiding archived sites is recommended for all instructors to prevent students with incompletes from finishing without permission.

To access an archived course, click on the link within the Kiosk.

To view all courses, click "Show all X courses" where X is the number of hidden courses. Any gray links indicate courses that are hidden from student view.
Moodle Kiosk with both academic and non-academic courses.

Student Access

Contact [email protected] with a list of the courses you want to access. Moodle Support will verify their availability to students.

  • If the courses are hidden by the instructor, you will need to contact the instructor or department to see if they can be made available.
  • If the courses are available to students, VPN will be enabled for seven days so that content can be accessed.

Instruct students:

  1. To access an archived course, log in with VPN.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the link within the Kiosk.