Moodle 3.2: Workshop Activity Overview

Apples to: Moodle 3.2.

The workshop activity module allows for the collection, review, and peer assessment of students' work. Students can submit any digital content (files), such as word-processed documents or spreadsheets, and can also type text directly into a text field.

Submissions can be assessed using a multi-criteria assessment form (similar to a rubric) defined by the teacher, a system that rewards points for existing criteria, and even open comment boxes. The process of peer assessment and understanding the assessment form can be practiced in advance with example submissions provided by the teacher. Students are given the opportunity to assess one or more of their peers' submissions. Submissions and reviewers may be anonymous if desired.

Students obtain two grades in a workshop activity - 1) a grade for their submission and 2) a grade from their peers' assessment of the submission(s). Both grades are recorded in the gradebook.

Understanding the workshop workflow

The workflow for the Workshop has five phases. The typical workshop activity can cover days or even weeks. The teacher controls transitioning the workshop from one phase to another. The instructor can move forward or back between phases as needed.

For example, after closing the Assessment phase the instructor may review the student assessment of peer submissions, give constructive comments to the students, then re-open the Submission or Assessment phase for another round review and evaluation.

Workshop phases

  • Setup Phase
    • Instructor adds a workshop to the course site, provide instructions for submission, and edits the assessment form. 
  • Submission Phase
    • Students submit their work; instructors allocate submissions to students for peer review.
  • Assessment Phase
  • Grading Evaluation Phase
  • Closed
    • Students view their grades, peer assessments, and instructor comments.

The progress of the activity is visualized in the Workshop planner tool. It displays all Workshop phases and highlights the current one. It also lists all the tasks the user has in the current phase with the information of whether the task is finished, not yet finished, or even failed.

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