Moodle 3.2: View Quiz Results

Applies to: Moodle 3.2.

After giving a quiz/test, the instructor can see a quick overview of scores by using the Attempts: # link on the quiz start page. The Attempts: # link opens the quiz results page with a wealth of information that can be easily filtered in multiple ways. See View Quiz Reports (Quiz Results) article for more information.

Viewing an overview of the quiz results

  1. Go to the course homepage and click the link to the quiz.
  2. Click the Attempts: # link under the quiz description and settings information.
    View quiz attempts link.
  3. View the student scores and individual question scores in the report.
    • All column headings can be clicked to sort the table data by that heading, such as Last Name or Completed (order).
       Quiz scores on the Quiz Results report.
  4. Click Review Attempt under a student name to view that student's full quiz with their choices, scores and any automatic feedback given. There is also the option to override an automatically graded question and make a comment.
  5. Click the course site name next to Dashboard under the banner to return to the course homepage.