Moodle 3.2: View Course Logs

Applies to: Moodle 3.2

Class logs show all activity in a course site (e.g., when a teaching assistant views the course site, when a student submits an assignment).

Logs can be used to troubleshoot situations such as when a student believes they have submitted an assignment or completed a quiz by a certain date. The logs will show what the student has interacted with on the course site and when the student did it.


  • Reports cannot be viewed by students.
  • Live logs can be used instead to quickly view all activity in a course site in the last hour.

Accessing course logs

  1. Go to the course homepage.
  2. Find the Administration block:
    • Click Reports then Logs. The Logs page opens.
      Admin block with Logs link highlighted.
  3. To view all course activity, click Get these logs.
  4. Use the drop menus to filter your results. After choosing your filters, click Get these logs to view the filtered results. You can filter by:
    • Individual person (All participants menu)
    • Date (All days menu)
    • Specific activity, e.g., Course Announcements (All activities menu)
    • Action, e.g., View, Update (All actions menu)
    • Educational Level, which has these options:
      • Educational Level: The default level. Shows all course actions.
      • Teaching level: Shows actions an instructor or designer has taken that affect student learning experiences, e.g., updating a course file, assigning a grade, or reviewing a quiz attempt.
      • Participating level: Shows actions students have taken while interacting with the course, such as viewing or completing a course module, submitting an assignment, or attempting a quiz.
      • Other level: Shows log entries that don't relate to teaching or learning, e.g., enrolling in a course, dropping a course, or viewing a log file.
  5. Scroll to the bottom to Download the logs if needed.
  6. When you are done viewing logs, return to your course homepage.

Note: If you need assistance interpreting course logs, contact Moodle Support.

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