Moodle 3.2: Use Weighted Categories and Items in the Gradebook

Applies to: Moodle 3.2.

When to use customized weighting 

  • You would like to set individual items, categories with items, or both as a specific part (i.e., weight) of the course 100% total.
  • The relationship or "weighting" of an item or category to the course total is more important than the total point value of the item or category.
  • You want the course total to be expressed as the sum of weightings, not the sum of item or category scores.


Use the available weighting options that are present in the Gradebook Setup view. (See examples below.)

Required Steps

  1. Create categories in the gradebook based on the weighted categories outlined in your course syllabus. 
  2. Enter the weighted percentages for each category or item as outlined in your course syllabus. See Weight Items or Categories in the Gradebook.


Weighting a category (Discussions 5%)
Gradebook Categories and Items page showing a Discussion category with a manual weighting of 5.0, and three discussion activities scored at 10 points each within the category still maintaining their natural weighting of 33.333 each of the category.

Weighting Individual Items (Midterm 20% and Final Exam 40%)
Gradebook Categories and Items page showing a mid-term quiz with a point value of 30 points and a manual weight of 20.0, and the Final exam with a point value of 60 points and a manual weight of 40.0

Extra Options

The following options are available whether you are using natural weighting or weighted categories and items.

Running Course Total

The option to Give Students a Running Total of their Grade (Exclude Empty Grades) is the default for ALL categories, including the primary course level category. This option excludes activities that have not yet been graded from the course total. The student course percentage or grade will reflect a current point of progress using the grades earned divided by the maximum grades possible for only the graded activities, in other words a running total of the student's grade.

NOTE: At the completion of each activity, the instructor should add zeros for students who did not complete the activity. See Enter Grades and Feedback in the Gradebook.

Drop the lowest grade(s) or Keep the highest grade(s)

At the end of the semester you can Drop the Lowest Grade(s) or Keep the Highest Grade(s) of a group of activities. These activities must all be within one category and have the same point value. The category total adjusts to count only the items you've requested, and the category total line indicates the dropping or keeping of X number of items.