Moodle 3.2: Set up Message Preferences

Applies to: Moodle 3.2

You can send messages to other Moodle users within the Messaging tool. You can decide who can message you and how to be notified about these messages. 

Setting up your Message preferences

  1. Click the Toggle Messages Menu icon Toggle Messages Menu icon on the Moodle Banner in the upper right. The Messages box opens.
  2. Click the Message preferences icon in the Messages box.

    Arrow pointing at the gear icon in the Messages menu box
  3. Choose who can message you:
    • Prevent non-contacts from messaging me is checked by default. Uncheck this only if you are willing to receive messages from anyone within the University of Minnesota Moodle system.

      Highlighted area where the Prevent non-contacts from messaging me is checked
    • Note: To message another user, they will have to either have you as a contact or have this box unchecked.
  4. Choose how you want to be notified of incoming messages:
    • Mobile controls whether you will get notifications of new messages through the Moodle Mobile app.
    • Email controls whether you will get an email to alert you to new messages.
    • You can choose to receive these notifications when you are online (logged into Moodle) or offline (not logged into Moodle) by toggling the appropriate Online and Offline buttons.

      Message Preferences menu with arrow pointing to on/off buttons

  5. Once you have set up your preferences, click Dashboard in the upper left to return to your Moodle dashboard.