Moodle 3.2: Send Email to Students via Moodle (Quickmail)

Applies to: Moodle 3.2

Instructors can email individual students, groups of students, or all the students in their course site using the Quickmail block.
Quickmail block.

By default:

  • Email sent through Quickmail will be appear as if it were coming directly from the sender.
    • Example: Instructor Jo Blank sends a Quickmail to all her students. They each receive an individual email in their inbox from Jo's email, [email protected]
    • Emails sent from the instructor to several participants will not show the other course participants' email addresses. It is similar to an email sent as a BCC (blind carbon copy) email.
  • The subject line will automatically include the short course title.
    • Example: Jo put "Week 1 Quiz Reminder" in the subject of her email. Her students see [ARTH1001] Week 1 Quiz Reminder as the email subject.
  • Replies will be sent to the original sender by normal email.
    • Example: Jo's students can reply to her email, and she will receive it in her University Gmail inbox, not in Quickmail history.

Composing an email in the Quickmail block

  1. In the Quickmail block, click Compose New Email.
  2. Select email recipients:
    • For an individual recipient, click their name in the Potential Recipients list.
    • For multiple recipients, Ctrl+click (command+click) several names in the Potential Recipients list.
    • To send to a Group, click the Group name under Potential Sections.
    • For all students in the class, click All Users under Potential Sections.
  3. Click Add Quickmail add button.
  4. Enter a Subject line for the email.
    • Note: This is a required field. If you attempt to send an email without filling out the subject, the page will reload to the compose screen and the email will not send.
    • By default, the subject line will include the short course title.
  5. Under Receive a copy, choose either Yes or No.
    • If you choose Yes, you will receive a copy of the email in your University Gmail inbox.
  6. Click Send Email. The Quickmail history displays, listing the message you just sent at the top. The status should read all messages sent successfully.
  7. When you are done, return to your course homepage.

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