Moodle 3.2: Review/Download Workshop Submissions

Applies to: Moodle 3.2

Instructor can view text submissions or download workshop submission files. The Workshop must be in the Grading Evaluation phase for the instructor to review student submissions.


  • If you save the file, the student name is not added as a prefix as is done in downloading assignment files with the Download option; use Save As and add the student name to the file. Depending on your PDF viewer, you may have to do this after you have downloaded the file.
  • Downloading Workshop submissions must be done one at a time. There is no global download option as with Moodle Assignments.

Reviewing Workshop Text Submissions

  1. Click the appropriate Workshop link on the homepage.
  2. On the Workshop page scroll to the submissions/assessments table and click a submission filename. The student submission page opens.
  3. Text submissions will be visible at the top of the student submission page. Use the text edit window to make your changes.

Downloading Student Workshop Submissions Files

  1. From the homepage select the link for the workshop.
  2. On the workshop project page confirm the workshop is in the Closed phase. If not, select the Switch Phase icon for Closed.
  3. Locate the student submission you wish to download and select the link to the file. The student submission page will open.
  4. Click the link to the file. When asked to Open or Save choose Save. The file will download.

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