Moodle 3.2: Review Emails Sent Through Moodle (Quickmail)

Applies to: Moodle 3.2

You can review all email messages you have previously sent through Quickmail in Moodle. Emails in Quickmail history are only visible to the individual who sent them.

Note: Moodle Support can review ALL emails sent through Quickmail, no matter who sent them. To request Moodle Support to investigate the email sent through Quickmail, contact [email protected]

Reviewing Quickmail history

  1. In the Quickmail block, click View History.
    Quickmail block with View History link highlighted.
  2. The View History page displays, showing a list of all the emails you have sent via Quickmail in this course site.
    Quickmail's View History page listing past emails.
  3. Click the open email (magnifying glass) icon in the Action column to review an individual message. The Quickmail window opens.
    • Note: The Quickmail window will be pre-filled with the original values from the old email you have already sent. This can be used for re-sending an email to a particular user or for sending similar emails.
  4. After reviewing the old email, you can return to the list of emails you have already sent by clicking View History.
    View history link under Quickmail heading.
  5. When you are done, return to your course homepage.

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