Moodle 3.2: Restrict Access to an Activity or Quiz

Applies to Moodle 3.2

The Restrict Access function restricts students from accessing an activity or quiz until the set conditions of the restriction are met. This article covers the following information on this feature:

The restricted activity can either be:

  • Invisible to students until the conditions are met.
  • Be visible but with a greyed-out disabled link followed by the type of restriction given to the activity.
    a restricted grayed-out activity link with a visible restriction beneath it.

When the restriction conditions are met, the activity link becomes fully visible and any Open and Close settings for the activity take effect.

Things to consider:

  • Restrict access conditions will override the Open and Close settings for the activity. Be sure that any date restrictions set to a quiz do not interfere with the Open/close settings of the quiz.
  • When using groups, a group restriction will cause the activity to be COMPLETELY hidden from groups not involved .
  • Restrict Access settings will trump any individual student overrides set up with the activity.  

Creating a Restriction

  1. Go to the course homepage.
  2. Find the activity and click the activity link to which you want to add a restriction.
  3. Go to Administration > activity type administration > Edit settings.
  4. Scroll down to the Restrict Access option section and expand it.
  5. Select the Add Restriction option. A pop-up window will appear with restriction choices.
    Add Restriction popup window with  possible restriction types
  6. Apply one or more restrictions using:
    • Activity completion to select an existing activity and its completion state (3.2 only)
    • Date box set an Allow access from or an Allow access until date and time.
    • Grade condition menu to select an existing gradebook activity and set minimum and maximum percentages.
    • Group to restrict access to students only in those collections.
    • Grouping to restrict access to students only in those collections.
    • User Profile element and a level of condition to be met.
    • Restriction set to set multiple nested conditions to apply complex logic.
  7. Click Add restriction.
  8. Click Save and return to course.

Showing or hiding the restricted activity

You will see an eye icon to the left of the restriction after creating it. To make the item visible with restriction information listed beneath it, leave the eye open:
restrict access restriction with eye icon showing that the restriction information is visible to students.

To completely hide the item until the restriction conditions are met, click the eye icon. It will have a slash through it.
restrict access restriction with eye icon crossed out showing that the restriction information is not visible to students and that the students will not see the restricted activity on the course site until the criteria has been met.

Ideas for using the Restrict access feature

  • Set a grade restriction on an exam to keep the exam off limits to students until they have received a certain score on a pre-exam activity or quiz.
  • Set a group restriction on an activity so that only a certain subset of students within a course have access to the activity.
  • Set a date restriction for a quiz that you don't want students accessing until a certain date in the course.
  • Set a grade restriction on a label that has a funny meme or encouraging statement so students see it after they complete a series of activities.