Moodle 3.2: Preview Quiz Questions

Applies to: Moodle 3.2.

Quiz questions can be previewed in the Question Bank where editing the question is readily available. You preview one question at a time in the question bank. When you preview a single question you have options to:

  • Answer the question and click Save: your choice is saved but NOT graded.
  • Fill in the correct response: this is the most commonly used option.
  • Click Submit and finish: you are not shown whether your choice is correct.
  • Click Close preview: closes the preview window.
  • Click Start again: clears your choice.

There is no Search box on the Question Bank page. You will need to know the category that contains the question to find it.

Previewing questions in the question bank

  1. From the course site homepage, click the Question Bank link under the Course administration heading in the Administration block.
  2. On the question bank questions page, choose the category from Select a category that holds the question.
  3. To preview a question click the Preview icon magnifying glass.
  4. Close the preview window when done.

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