Moodle 3.2: Overview - Provide Instructor Feedback for Assignments

Applies to Moodle 3.2.

When setting up Moodle assignments, consider how best to give feedback to students feedback on their assignments. There is a Feedback types section in the assignment settings. When expanded it shows several options.

Ways to provide feedback to students

You can provide feedback to students:

  • As text in a simple comment box next to the grade for each student's submission (Feedback comments).
  • As attached files (Feedback files).
  • As comments within the text submission (Comment inline feature set to Yes).
  • As comments within each file submission (select Feedback files).
  • Via a grading worksheet outside of Moodle. (Offline grading worksheet). The worksheet column for comments will be placed in the Feedback Comments textbox. See Grade Assignment Using an Offline Grading Worksheet.
    Feedback types menu expanded to show different types of feedback options

Students can view feedback through Moodle. See Moodle for Students: View Assignment Feedback Text and Files.

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