Moodle 3.2: Overview of Assignment Grading Workflow

Applies to: Moodle 3.2.

The Assignment Grading Workflow is a feature in Assignments which allows instructors to determine when students receive grading notifications. When used, each student's grade progresses through a series of phases: Not graded, In grading, Grading completed, In review, Ready for release, and Released.

When an assignment is moved into the Released phase, an email will be sent to the student with a notification that the grade is ready for review. This notification will be sent even if the assignment is hidden from students.

This article will help instructors understand the different phases of the workflow. Step-by-step instructions for grading using the workflow can be found in Using the Assignment Grading Workflow.

Turning on the assignment grading workflow

  1. Go to the course homepage.
  2. Find the assignment that you want to use grading workflow and click the assignment link.
  3. Find the Administration block, then click Edit Settings.
  4. Scroll down to the Grade section and click the arrow to expand the options.
  5. Set Use grading workflow to Yes.
  6. Click Save and display or Save and return to course.

Understanding workflow phases

  • Not graded - the grader has not yet started.
  • In grading - the grader has started, but not yet finished.
  • Grading completed - the grader has finished, but might need to go back for checking/corrections.
  • In review - the grading is being reviewed by the instructor.
  • Ready for release  - the instructor is satisfied with the grading but wants to wait before giving students access to the grading.
  • Released - the student can access the grades/feedback. This will also generate an email to the student indicating that the grade is available for review.