Moodle 3.2: Marking up a Student PDF Submission in the Detailed Grading Page

Applies to: Moodle 3.2

You can place text comments, annotations, and stamped images directly on submitted PDF assignments within the detailed grading view. If students have uploaded a PDF file to the assignment area, the PDF will appear in the main part of the detailed grading page.
PDF file showing in the document viewer; the annotation tool bar is highlighted; there is one example comment, one example of a highlighted text, and one example of a stamp

Note: If another file type has been uploaded (.docx, .rtf, .txt), the main part of the page will appear bank even though you may see a message saying "Generating a PDF" when opening the detailed grading page. See Require Students to Upload a Specific File Type for Assignments to learn how to set up assignments to accept only PDF files.

In this article:

Using the Comments feature

Comments work like post-it notes being directly placed on an assignment. You can type text into the comment.

Creating a Comment

  1. Click the Comments button comments function .
  2. Place your cursor over the page where you want to make a comment.
  3. Hold down your left mouse button and drag to make a comment box. Your cursor will move inside the comment box as soon as you let go of the button.
  4. Type your comment.
  5. Optional: Click the Comment color button comment color button to select a different background color.

Deleting a Comment

  1. Click on the arrow icon in the upper-right corner of the comment you wish to delete.
  2. Select Delete Comment from the drop down menu.
    a comment over the text with the top right corner drop down menu showing the Delete Comment option

Using the Mark Up Tools

Creating an Annotation

You can markup the assignment with many different shapes, highlights, or basic pen marks.

annotation tools

  1. Click the Annotation color (ink drop button, far right in image above) to select the color you wish to use.
  2. Click the annotation tool you want to use (from left to right in image above):
    • Pen - freehand "write" notes or other markup
    • Line - draw a straight line
    • Rectangle - draw a box
    • Oval - draw a circle
    • Highlight - put a transparent color over text, like a highlighter pen
  3. Place your cursor on the portion of the text you want to annotate.
  4. Hold down your left mouse button and drag your cursor to make the needed annotation.

Deleting an Annotation

  1. Click the Select button arrow icon .
  2. Click on the markup you want to delete. The markup will highlight and a little trash can icon will appear.
  3. Click the trash can icon.
    a highlighted annotation with the trash icon called out

Using the Stamp Tool

The stamp tool will place a selected image on the assignment for more visual feedback.

Creating a Stamp

  1. Click on the Stamp button on the right. A drop down menu of stamps appears.
    stamp button with different stamps in drop down menu
  2. Click the stamp icon you want to use.
  3. Place your cursor on the assignment where you want to the stamp to appear.
  4. Click your left mouse button to place the stamp.
  5. Optional: To create a larger stamp, press down and hold your left mouse button and drag to the size you want.

Deleting a Stamp

  1. Click the Select button arrow icon.
  2. Click on the stamp you want to delete; the markup will highlight and a little trash can icon appears.
  3. Click the trash can icon.