Moodle 3.2: Grade or Make a Comment on a Quiz Question

Applies to: Moodle 3.2.

Instructors can manually grade a quiz question or override an existing grade on quiz question that has been automatically graded. Instructors can also add feedback to a student's quiz question answer.

If there is an error in a question after the quiz has been taken, the instructor can make changes for the whole class. 

Grading or making a comment on quiz question

When you know the question number

  1. Go to the course homepage, and click the link for the quiz.
  2. In the Administration block under Quiz Administration, click Attempts.
  3. Scroll down to see the student report.
  4. Find the student and question you want to regrade.
    Select the student single question to review for an override.
  5. Click the grade/score you need to change. The student's response page opens.
    • Click Make comments or override grade.
      Make comment or override grade link.
    • Change the Grade and/or enter any feedback in the comment box.
    • Click Save. The student response page reappears with the change noted in the Response history.
    • Click Close this window.
  6. Refresh the browser to see the updated score.

When you don't know the question number

If you are not sure of the question number, you can look at the entire student attempt:

  1. Find the student.
  2. Click Review Attempt.
    Review attempt student quiz exam to review and override question scores.
  3. Preview the entire attempt to find the question you want to grade/regrade.
  4. Click Make comments or override grade. A pop-up box with the question will appear.
    Make comment or override grade link.
  5. Enter the Grade and enter a Comment (optional)
  6. Click Save. The new grade will be saved and the question pop-up box will disappear on its own.
    • Change other questions as needed.
  7. Click Finish review.

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