Moodle 3.2: Grade Assignments using a Grading Guide

Applies to: Moodle 3.2.

Grading guides can be used as a simpler alternative to a rubric for grading assignments. To grade assignments using a grading guide, the assignment must first have a grading guide created and assigned to it for evaluative use.

There is no Quick Grading option on the assignment submission page when using grading guides or rubrics.

Assessing the assignment with the grading guide

  1. Go to the course homepage.
  2. Find the assignment and click its link.
  3. Click View all submissions in the bottom-center of the page.
  4. Click Grade The edit grade button. in the grade column for a user. The file is converted to a pdf file and opened in a new editing window, with the grading guide on the right side.
  5. To use the grading guide in an easier view click the Zoom in/out of region icon Zoom in and out of a region icon. or use the Reveal Panel icons Real panels choices. (left only/left & right/ right only).
  6. Within the grading guide attached to the assignment you have these actions:
    1. Enter comments in a criterion feedback comment box.
    2. Place your cursor in a criterion feedback comment box and click the Frequently Used Comments. Click one or more of the pre-created comments. The comment appears in the box
    3. Enter a point value in the score box. Moodle sums the points given to each criterion, calculates a percentage of the maximum possible points, and applies that percentage to the full value of the assignment. That score is sent to the gradebook.
  7. Enter more detailed comments in the Feedback Comments textbox if desired.
  8. If necessary, click the Zoom in/out icon or center Reveal panels icon to return the grading guide popout window to the right side.
  9. Select Save changes if you are finished grading this student.
  10. From the Change User menu select another student, or use the Forward or Back arrows. Change user menu.

To return to the assignment list of submission click the assignment name in the electronic breadcrumb path in the upper left corner.