Moodle 3.2: Give Students a Running Total of their Grade

Applies to: Moodle 3.2.

Students appreciate the ability to see a current, up-to-date value or a running total of their progress in a course. The Moodle gradebook can do this by incorporating the Exclude Empty Grades function. Exclude Empty Grades is a category setting -- for the full course level category and any sub-category (i.e. Quizzes, Homework).

In Moodle 3.0 and 3.2, the Exclude Empty Grades function is on by default in NEW course site gradebooks. It is also on for any NEW categories you create in new or copied course sites. Exclude Empty Grades means activities without scores will NOT be counted in the course total or an individual category total. Only activities with real scores will be used to calculate the student's current progress, expressed in a percentage value.

Since the Exclude Empty Grades is on by default for NEW site grade books and categories, you will have to manually enter a zero (0) score to include a missed grade item in the grade calculation. Ungraded activities will NOT be counted in the course total calculations. (I.E., the student who does no course work for several weeks will appear to have an A in the course, unless the missing course work is graded as a zero).

Using the exclude empty grades function

  1. Go to the course homepage.
  2. Find the Administration block:
    • Click Gradebook setup.
  3. For a category heading, click the Edit link and then click Edit Settings in the dropdown menu.
  4. Select or deselect Exclude Empty Grades.
    The link to Edit Settings for a category, and the Exclude Empty Grades option.
  5. Scroll down and click Save changes. You will be returned to the Gradebook setup or Categories and Items page.

Special Note: IF YOUR COURSE WAS COPIED FORWARD FROM A PREVIOUS VERSION OF MOODLE you may have categories (the full course level and sub-categories) set to INCLUDE EMPTY GRADES. This is a known occurrence as categories that are NOT marked to Exclude Empty Grades are brought forward and subsequently marked to INCLUDE Empty Grades.

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