Moodle 3.2: Customize the Gradebook Display for All Course Participants

Applies to: 3.2

You can use the Course grade settings to customize the way the Gradebook displays for all course participants. It controls the view of the Standard Gradebook for any instructor/designer/non-editing/teaching assistant enrolled in the site. It also controls the Student View of the gradebook.

You can also Customize Your View of the Standard Gradebook.

Changing Course grades settings

  1. Go to the course homepage.
  2. Find the Administration block and click Gradebook setup.
  3. Select Course grade settings from the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner.

Suggested options for Course grade settings

To make your gradebook view even more useful, we recommend you set the following column options to NO:

  • Show user ID numbers
  • Show user usernames
  • Show PeopleSoft sections (unless you have multiple sections in the same Moodle Gradebook)
  • Show email addresses

Overview of all options in Course grade settings

General settings

  • Aggregation position: Controls the location of the aggregation column (first or last) in categories and the Gradebook total.
  • Min and max grades used in calculation: Only impacts how a grade is calculated for those activities that have a minimum and maximum grade specified in the grade item settings.

Grade item settings

  • Grade display type: Determines how grades are displayed under View > Grader and User Reports. You can choose a combination.
  • Overall decimal points: Determines the number of decimal points to display for each grade. It has no effect on grade calculations, which are made with an accuracy of 5 decimal places.

Overview report

  • Show rank: Show/Hide
  • Hide totals if they contain hidden items: Default (Hide). Otherwise you can choose between showing totals excluding hidden items or including hidden items.

Student View

  • Show rank: Show the position of the student in relation to the rest of the class for each grade item.
  • Show percentage: A column to show the percentage value of each grade item.
  • Show grades: A column to show the points for the item.
  • Show feedback: A column for the Feedback responses by the grader.
  • Show weightings: A column for the weighing of the item when using Weighted Mean of Grades aggregation.
  • Show average: Show the average column. For performance reasons, the average is approximate if it is dependent on any hidden items. Students may be able to estimate other student's grades if the average is calculated from a small number of grades.
  • Show letter grades: A column to show the corresponding letter grade for the item score.
  • Show contribution to course total: A percentage of each item's contribution to the course 100%.
  • Show ranges: Show the range from 0 - max. pts.
  • Range decimal points: Choose the number of decimals in a value from 0-5.
  • Show hidden items: Whether hidden grade items are hidden entirely, are hidden but release at a designated date, or if the names of hidden grade items are visible to students.
  • Hide totals if they contain hidden items: This setting specifies whether totals which contain hidden grade items are shown to students or replaced with a hyphen (-). If shown, the total may be calculated either excluding or including hidden items.
    • If hidden items are excluded, the total students see will be different from the total seen by the instructor in the grader report. Instructors always see totals calculated from all items, hidden or unhidden.
    • If hidden items are included, students may be able to calculate the hidden items.

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