Moodle 3.2: Assignment Grading Methods

Applies to: Moodle 3.2

When an assignment is configured to use a grade (point value), there are three possible grading methods: Simple direct grading, a Rubric, or a Grading guide.
Grading methods options box in the assignment settings area

  • Simple Direct Grading uses points, a non-numeric Scale, or No Grade (see Simple Direct Grading Method of Assignments).
  • Advanced Grading is the term for using a Rubric and Grading Guide and requires instructor/designer setup (see Advanced Grading Methods of Assignments).
    • The Rubric is a table-like format with criteria, levels of accomplishment with corresponding point values, and (optional) short comments.
    • The Grading guide is also criterion based but without granular evaluation, and a free scoring range, and (optional) short comments.

All assignments must be manually evaluated and scored. The assigned score will port directly into the grade book. Feedback can be included via the HTML text editor and response/comment files can be uploaded and attached to an assignment.

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