Moodle 3.2: Apply Bonus Points to an Activity/Item

Applies to: Moodle 3.2

Activities can be assigned bonus points to raise the scores of all students. For example, if after administering a quiz you discover that some quiz content had not been covered in class, you can give back the points for the related questions to all students without manually typing in new scores for each student. This option in the gradebook is called Offset. Manually graded items do not have the Offset (bonus) function.

Giving bonus points

  1. Go to the course homepage.
  2. Find the Administration block:
    1. Click Gradebook setup.
  3. Click the Edit link for the activity you want to apply the bonus points to; then select Edit Settings.
    Edit drop down menu highlighted in the assignment row on the Gradebook setup page.
  4. Click Show more under the Grade item options.
  5. Find the Offset option and type the number of points you want to add to everyone's grade in the box.
    Offset grade box.
  6. Scroll down and click Save changes.

The gradebook does not display any special message communicating to students that an activity has been given Offset points. However, students who receive more than 100% of the points after the bonus points are applied will see their Percentage grade is over 100% for the assignment. The points earned for the assignment are above the Range given in the gradebook and act as extra credit for the course for those students over 100%