Moodle 3.2: Advanced Grading Methods of Assignments

Applies to: Moodle 3.2.

Advanced grading in assignments means using a Rubric or Grading Guide for evaluation and scoring of a student submission. Both grading methods require instructor/designer setup.

  • The Rubric is a table-like format with criteria, levels of accomplishment with corresponding point values, and (optional) short comments.
  • The Grading guide is also criterion based but without granular evaluation, and a free scoring range, and (optional) short comments.

During the initial configuration of the assignment you choose the Grading method in the Grade category:

  • Simple direct grading
  • Grading guide
  • Rubric
    Grading methods options box in the assignment settings area

If you choose one of the advanced grading methods, click Save and display after you finish choosing any needed settings on the Edit settings page. You will be taken to the Advanced Grading page where you will have a choice to:

  • Define a new grading form from scratch.
  • Create (a) new grading form from a template.

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