Manual Enrollment in Jamf Pro With University iOS Devices

To enroll your device into Jamf Pro, you will either receive an email with a link for enrollment, or you will be instructed to go to the University's enrollment website Log in with your internet ID, and then you will be prompted to install certificates


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When you enroll a device in Jamf Pro, you will be prompted to install 2 Certificates, the CA Certificate, and the MDM Certificate. Please install both certificates, so that your device is fully enrolled into Jamf Pro.


When your iOS device is enrolled in Jamf Pro, you will have a new app installed called Self Service. This is where you will find the apps and software updates that you can use to add to your device. Just click on the tile, and it will download/install the app. You may be redirected to the iTunes Store to complete the download, if requested, please provide your iTunes ID.


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Self Service is aware of which apps have been installed on your device so if an app is installed it may no longer be shown in Self Service.


Please use the TDX Software Packaging & Deployment Request form to request new apps. Once configured, they will show up in Self Service for you to install.