LinkedIn Learning: Share Courses and Videos on Your Canvas Course Site

There are a variety of ways to share links to LinkedIn Learning videos or courses on your Moodle course site. Before choosing how you want to share your LinkedIn Learning resources, you will need to Copy a Direct Link to a Course or Video for these resources.

Creating a link to a LinkedIn Learning video in a Canvas course site

  1. Copy a Direct Link to a Course or Video if you have not already.
  2. Use the How do I create a hyperlink in the Rich Content Editor as an instructor? article for instructions on incorporating the link. For accessibility:
    • Use the name of the course or individual video for the link text.
    • Include the video length in the link text.
    • Example: Create pages (5m 52s)

Ways to incorporate training videos in your course site

  • Add a link into assignment, quiz, or forum activity instructions 
    • This is the best choice if you have an assignment that requires a small number of specific technical skills. Your resources will be easily available exactly when your students need it most. You will want to check these links each time you reuse course content from one semester to the next.
  • Create a Page with a list of LinkedIn Learning links
    • This is a good option if your students might repeatedly refer back to the same group of resources. You might also include resources other than LinkedIn Learning.