Kaltura: View Interactive Video Quiz Responses in Kaltura Analytics

Kaltura is a media management platform for teaching, learning, collaboration, and outreach at the University of Minnesota. You can use Kaltura MediaSpace to:

  • upload, manage, and share videos
  • upload and link to videos hosted in Kaltura using Canvas' Rich Content Editor and Media Galleries
  • set up an assignment that allows media to be submitted using Kaltura.

Media owners can view analytics about usage of Kaltura videos. For more information about who has access to to content, see the additional resources at the bottom of this page for links and self-help guides.

While gradebook integration is not present at this time, you can use Kaltura's analytics tools to see who has taken a quiz, and how they responded.

To see this information as the owner of the Interactive Video Quiz (IVQ):

  1. Go to Canvas (canvas.umn.edu) and choose your desired course.
  2. Select My Media from the left-hand menu bar.
  3. Click the title of the Interactive Video Quiz for which you would like to view analytics. The video preview page opens.
  4. From the Actions drop-down menu (lower right corner below the video), select Analytics.
    Kaltura  media page.  Actions dropdown menu is selected. Analytics option is  highlighted.
    • The Dashboard page opens, displaying general metrics.
  5. Choose the Quiz Questions or Quiz Users tab.

Viewing Quiz Questions Analytics:


Quiz Users tab:


Additional Resources