Jadu Forms - Predefined Logic - UMN - ADM - FICE Code


Description: Allows a user to lookup a school's FICE code using the Peoplesoft external organization ID.

Source System: Peoplesoft

Data: FICE Code


Setup Prerequisites

  • Setup Source of "External Organization ID" - This input will be used to determine the FICE code. This input must map to another field that exists on the form. There are three options:
    • Integrated Component - Add an integrated component, that outputs the external organization ID to the form. (The logic will receive a value after filling in the integrated component and going to the next page.)
    • Logic (Predefined) - Add a predefined logic that outputs the external organization ID to the form.
    • Logic (Literal) - Add a literal logic and manually enter the external organization ID.
      • The external organization ID needs to be a valid PeopleSoft external organization ID.

Setup Instructions

After selecting this predefined logic, the following input will appear at the bottom of the page.

  • External Organization ID - Select the "External Organization ID" source that was set up in the prerequisite.