Jadu CXM: What is CXM?

What is CXM?

Jadu CXM (workflow) is used in conjunction with Jadu XFP (forms) to create and manage form routing and approvals. CXM utilizes a business engine - users create workflow functionality using business rules and logic.

What can CXM do?

There are many needs within a business process. CXM is able to meet the following needs:

  • Approval processes:
    • Linear: A set of approvers in sequential order.
    • Multi-approver: The form needs to be approved by all or X people.
    • Multi-alert Single Approver: Alert X people that a form is ready, but only need one person to approve.
  • Allows an XFP form to be routed back to a previous person.
  • Time-based activities:
    • Reminder email sent based on a user-defined time.
    • Auto-transition a case to another step.
    • Auto-cancelation of a case.
  • Audit trail created as a case transitions through a process.
  • Administrators can cancel a form.
  • Stores information from XFP forms

For more information, see the Jadu CXM Self-Help Guide


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