Jadu CXM: Define the CXM Emails (Workbook)

Use emails from CXM to alert users of dates or to send reminders.

Note: Emails in CXM are not as customizable as those in XFP.

CXM emails are templates that are used in conjunction with a rule. Use CXM emails to:

  • Remind users of an outstanding approval. For example:
    • Subject: Reminder: Case ### Is Awaiting Your Approval
    • Body: Case ### is still awaiting approval. Please click the link to review and approve.
  • Notify a user of an auto-cancellation of the case. For example:
    • Subject: Case ### has been Cancelled
    • Body: Case ### has been automatically canceled due to inactivity.

Note: If the email contains a reminder to submit an XFP form, be sure to include the URL to the XFP form.