Jadu CXM: Create Transitions

Transitions are the routes a case can take from one status to another.

  • For example, a transition labeled Start can move a case from the status Open to the status In Progress.

Each transition can originate from multiple statuses but can only move a case to a single status

  • For example, the transition Start can take a user from the statuses Open or Submitted to the status In Progress.

Creating a Transition

  1. Open your case type in CXM
  2. Click the Transitions tab
  3. Click New Transition and fill out the fields:
    • Name: Make the Transition names short and reflect an action taken. For example:
      • Start
      • Work
      • Complete
      • Cancel
    • From status: Select the status(es) that the case can be at when a transition or action happens. A single transition can occur as the result of more than one From status
    • To status: From the dropdown, select the status that the case moves to when the transition occurs. A transition can move to one status at a time.
    • User Roles who can apply this transition: Select the following two roles for each transition: 
      • Jadu XFP: The account Jadu XFP uses to transition a case.
      • XXXX Case Builder: Your admin role, specific to your service/category. For example:
        • T OIT Case Builder
        • T ASR Case Builder
    • Display as button on case screens: Shows a clickable button on the case screens to transition the case to a new status.
      • Note: This option is currently only supported within the U of M implementation for Cancel transitions so Case Builders can cancel cases when necessary.
        Sample completed transitions tab. Transition name: Approve. From statuses: Submitted. To status: Approved. User roles who can apply this transition: Jadu XFP, TRAIN case builder.
  4. Click Save.

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