Jadu CXM: Create Statuses

A status allows you to give end-users a quick indication of where the case stands at any particular moment and what step the case may be waiting for. A case can be in only one status at a given point in time.

For additional information on Statuses, see Identify Statuses (Workbook).

Creating a new status

  1. Open your case type in CXM.
  2. Click the Statuses tab.
  3. Click New Status to fill out the fields
    • Name: Displays as the status description. This information shows in the status tag.
    • Type:
      • Initial: The starting state in CXM.
        • Initial status allows CXM to create the case to store data.
        • You can only use one Initial status because each CXM case can only be created once.
        • The CXM case stays in Initial status until another action occurs.
      • Normal: All the different statuses that a form can have between the initial and final states.
      • Final: This is the ending state in CXM and closes the case. It is possible to have more than one status that closes a case.
    • Label color: Determines the color of the status tag when viewing the list of cases. Suggested colors:
      • Light Gray: No Actions Required
      • Blue: Basic Information
      • Green: Positive Action/Result (Ex: Success or Completion)
      • Yellow: Warning or Use Caution
      • Red: Negative Action/Result, Error
  4. Click Save.

Last modified

March 5, 2021