Jadu CXM: Add Fields to CXM Forms

CXM Forms are the logical grouping of fields available to XFP at the time of creating and editing a case.

Form Types

Case Types have two default forms that are already created for you.

  1. Create form: this form determines which fields are available in the initial XFP form when it creates a new case.
    Forms tab. New [Train] supply request highlighted. Create case type highlighted.
  2. Edit form: this form determines which fields are available in the subsequent CXM forms when they edit an existing case.
    Jadu cxm forms tab. Edit case type highlighted with sample case.


  • If the data stored in CXM will not update in any of the subsequent XFP forms, you do not need to add it to the edit form in CXM.
    • For example: the initial form submitter's name (stored in CXM as Requested By) shouldn't change in subsequent XFP forms. Therefore it is only needed on the create form so the data gets to CXM and can pull down to view in subsequent XFP forms.
  • If a field is on the CXM edit form and does not map to a field in the XFP Edit Case template, it will be cleared out in CXM when XFP edits the case.

Adding Fields to a Form

Note: If you are not sure which fields to use, please go to Identify XFP Fields to Retain and Put Into CXM for guidance.

Repeat the following steps for both the create and edit forms

  1. Open your case type in CXM.
  2. Click on the Forms tab
  3. Find the Edit link for the form you want to add fields to
  4. Near the bottom of the screen, click Add Fields
    Edit New form fields page. Add fields highlighted
  5. Select the fields you want to add to your form. 
    • You can start typing in the field and the list filters for you
      • Or, scroll through the dropdown to select your fields.
    • To select multiple fields at once, hold Shift as you select each field.
      Jadu CXM add fields dropdown. Results shown containing the letters REQ
  6. Make sure to click Save in the middle of the page when finished.
    • Note: You may need to scroll up to see the Save button if you have a long list of fields.
      CXM edit form fields page. Sample fields added. Save highlighted in the middle of the page. 


Reordering fields on a form

Fields can be re-ordered on a form by dragging and dropping to their desired position. The order displays in the XFP Create Case and Edit Case templates when mapping XFP fields to CXM forms.

Jadu CXM option to reorder fields highlighted.

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