[email protected]: View Social Media Traffic Reports

Google Analytics captures social media traffic to the [email protected] site. This article is written for the Office of Information Technology communications team and web content coordinators. Please contact [email protected] if you have questions.

Viewing Social Media Traffic Reports

  1. Sign in to http://analytics.google.com.
  2. In the left column, select [email protected] Site.
  3. Select [email protected] (UA-48817527-1).
  4. Select Unfiltered Data.
    selecting the Unfiltered Data property in google analytics
  5. Select Acquisition.
  6. Select the Social sub-category.
  7. View one of the reports described below.

Overview Report

The Overview report provides an overview of social activity towards the site. To view a different date range, use the calendar picker in the top right.

Clicking on a social network name will drill into the Network Referrals report.

the social networks overview report, with the date range selector highlighted in the top right, and the social networks highlighted in the table.

Network Referrals Report

The Network Referrals report will display activity about one of the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.). Use the drop-down selector at the top to change social networks.

the network referrals report, with the network selector highlighted, and the links in the table highlighted.

Click the Shared URL in the table to drill into the details for that URL.

Landing Pages Report

The Landing Pages report will show where people are entering the site from social networks; that is, what URLs are people sharing, and how much traffic is generated as a result.

the landing pages report

The default view is to cumulatively show statistics for all social networks. To view landing pages for a specific network, add a Secondary Dimension.

  1. Select the Secondary Dimension button above the table.
    the secondary dimension selector with the Social category selected.
  2. Select the Social category.
  3. Choose your dimension.
    the secondary dimensions field list

Conversions Report

We do not have conversions implemented.

Plugins Report

Some websites/webpages enable users to share content with buttons such as "Share with Twitter" or "Share on Facebook." We have not yet configured the site to generate this report.

Social Users Flow

This report shows where users go after entering our site from a social network.

the social flow report showing the paths of users through the site


For the date range shown in the screenshot above, 104 people came from Facebook.

Place your mouse on the blue-grey bars to see the values:

the social flow report with the mouseover details being displayed.

  • 18 Facebook users went to the homepage.
  • 58 total "social users" went to the homepage.

The red bars on the right indicate "Next pages" or where users exited the site.