[email protected] Site: Update Keymatches for Front End tc_oit

Both search boxes on the IT site€”the search for "Self-Help Guides, Knowledge, and Training" and the "Search Websites and People" in the upper-right-corner€”use the Google Search Appliance frontend "tc_oit" for keymatches.

We store our authoritative set of keymatches in a Google sheet. You must have permission to edit it. To upload keymatches to our "tc_oit" front end, you also must have a search manager account on the Google Search Appliance. Therefore, you will need to work with your Web Content Coordinator to add, remove or update keymatches for the IT site.

Update Keymatches for the IT Site

First enter, edit, or delete keymatches in Search - tc_oit Keymatches Google sheet. See Guidelines for Keymatches (forthcoming).

The Google sheet includes the four parameters for each keymatch, as well as fields for comments and expiration date.

After you have finished updating the sheet, you need to upload it to the Google Search Appliance.

  1. Download the CSV file of keymatches from http://z.umn.edu/itmatch. It includes the four parameters for all keymatches needed by the Google Search Appliance in the correct file format. You may have to wait a few minutes after the Google sheet is updated before it is published as a CSV.
  2. Upload the CSV file to the Google Search Appliance.
    1. Login to the Google Search Appliance at http://z.umn.edu/gsalogin.
    2. In the left column, select Search > Front Ends.
    3. From the "Edit Front End" menu, select tc_oit.
    4. Click the Keymatch tab.
    5. Click Import/Export Keymatches.
    6. Click Choose File and select the CSV file that you downloaded.
    7. Click Import next to the file you chose.

      Wait for the response message. If the keymatches file contains invalid data, line numbers will be shown in the response message.


The tc_oit Keymatches worksheet is also published as a web page at http://z.umn.edu/itmatchweb which might be useful for link checking.

In case z.umn.edu is not working, use these direct links: