[email protected] Site: Save as a Draft or Publish Content

Service Directors of Office of Information Technology (OIT) Business Services determine who can create, edit, and publish pages for their Business Services on the [email protected] site. If you are designated as a content contributor, follow the steps below to save content as a draft or to publish content.

Saving a Draft or Publishing Content

  1. When you are done editing content for the [email protected] site, scroll to the bottom of the Drupal edit screen.
  2. In the Revision log message field, explain what you did (for example, "created page," or "corrected link to self-help guide").
    Screenshot of publishing options at bottom of Drupal edit page.
  3. Choose the appropriate drafting or publishing option:
    • Save Draft
      • An unpublished draft will be saved in the site. 
      • Use this to save your edits and work on the page further at another time, or to share with an editor for approval.
      • If you are editing content that is currently published, the published version will still be publicly viewable.
    • Publish and notify (only available to Content Contributors) - this action has different results depending on role:
      • For Editors: The content is immediately publicly viewable, and an email is sent to the editor(s) of the group indicating that the content has been published.
      • For Non-Editors: The content remains in draft mode, and an email is sent to the editor(s) of the group indicating that the content is ready to be published.
    • Publish without approval (only available to Site Editors)
      • The content is immediately publicly viewable.

Publishing Previously Drafted Content

  1. If necessary, log in to [email protected] and find your content.
  2. Click the View Revision History tab.
    Screenshot of Drupal edit menus
  3. The versions are displayed in chronological order, with the most recent on the top.
  4. Click Edit Revision for the revision you wish to publish.
  5. Review the content.
  6. Click Publish
     Screenshot of Drupal publish draft options
  7. Confirm that you want to publish by clicking Publish again.

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